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2017年1月19日 18:30 ~ 2017年1月19日 21:30
Mia Sun
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优活动 更精彩!


    The evening will kick off with a workshop on Strategic Imagination by and will end with our panel on China's Innovation Ecosystem in 2017 with Steamboat Ventures, DSM, and Omnicharge! 活动将从Constructive.xyz带来的战略想象工作坊开始,紧接着是关于2017中国创新趋势的炉边访谈,嘉宾分别来自Steamboat Ventures, DSMOmnicharge


    At 19:00, we will kick the evening off with a workshop on Strategic Imagination by - a leading provider of facilitated workshops using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method! Their mission is simple– to bring play back into the way we think about ourselves and our work. 7点,Constructive.xyz将给我们的社区带来一场别开生面的战略想象工作坊。作为专业工作坊领域的领先者,他们使用名为LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®的独特方法(使用Lego可视化你想表达的东西 - 那些你不能搭建的你可以讲出来,你讲不出来的通常可以通过模型表达出来。)他们的目标很简单 将游戏带回我们自我思考和工作的过程中。


    The workshop will be led by Oliver Clark, who has spent the last eleven years in Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai running projects for global leaders in engineering, IT and management consulting. And by his partner Oliver Knapman, a founding member of the Dipont Group's 'Explore CRS' subsidiary, specializing in consulting educational organizations throughout Asia. 工作坊将由Oliver Clark主持, 在过去的十一年他分别在首尔,东京和上海为全球级别的领导人运营着工程、IT和管理咨询项目。他的搭档Oliver KnapmanDipont集团子公司“Explore CRS”的创始成员,专业从事亚洲教育机构咨询。


    At 20:00, we'll welcome our panel from Sidney Wen (Steamboat Ventures), Bernard Cheung (DSM) and Jason Wong (Omnicharge) to discuss China's Innovation Ecosystem in 2017! 8点,来自Steamboat Ventures的Sidney Wen、来自DSMBernard Cheung和来自OmnichargeJason Wong将与大家一起探讨2017年中国的创新趋势。


    Sidney Wen is a Principal at Steamboat Ventures (SV), which was founded in 2000 by Disney and is named after the famous Mickey Mouse cartoon Steamboat Willie. Steamboat Ventures invests in early through growth stage companies at the intersection of technology, media, and consumer sectors such as,, and GoPro. Sidney previously held senior positions at Keytone Ventures and Singtel, and is Program Leader at Startup Leadership Program (SLP). Sidney Wen是Steamboat Ventures(SV)的负责人,SV由迪士尼成立于2000年,以著名的米老鼠卡通动画汽船威利的名字命名。SV投资早期成长阶段的企业,涉及的行业包括技术,媒体和消费品等,诸如56. com,,和GoPro。在加入SV之前,Sidney曾在凯旋投资和新加坡电信担任高管,同时现任Startup Leadership Program (SLP)的项目负责人。


    Bernard Cheung is a Strategy and Business Development leader at Royal DSM, a global science-driven market leader activein health, nutrition and materials. Bernard is a seasoned professional with international and pan-Asian exposure in M&A, corporate finance, strategic planning, operational optimization and execution. Bernard CheungDSM战略和业务发展的领导者,而DSM是全球健康、营养和材料界的市场领跑者。在并购、企业融资、战略规划、运营优化和执行等方面,Bernard的经验十分丰富。


    Jason Wong is Founder and CEO of Omnicharge, Inc. Omnicharge is a next-generation power solutions company. Its first consumer-facing product raised close to $3 Million USD on IndieGoGo, becoming the most funded tech project of 2016. As CEO of Omnicharge, Jason is committed to building and powering the community of professional power users, makers, and innovators. Driven by his passion for product innovation, Jason has also advised, worked with, and invested in many startups, including crowdfunded projects. Before founding Omnicharge, he had been the General Manager for Razor Scooters, managing and distributing over a billion dollar of consumer products throughout his career. Jason received his Bachelor's degree and Global Executive MBA from University of Southern California. Jason Wong是电力解决方案新生代公司Omnicharge的创始人兼首席执行官,其面向消费者的第一个产品就在IndieGoGo众筹到了约300万美元的资金,一举成为2016年最受资助的科技项目。作为Omnicharge的首席执行官,Jason致力于建设起连接专业电力用户、制造商和创新者的社区,并推动其发展。因为对产品创新的热情,Jason投资了许多创业公司,担任着他们的顾问并和他们一起工作,其中包括一些众筹项目等。在Omnicharge成立之前,他已经是Razor Scooters的总经理,任期内管理和销售了超过十亿美元的产品。Jason毕业于南加州大学,拥有全球高级工商管理硕士学位。


    Hungry... stressed... running from the office? As always, we will provide you with plentiful dinner, wine and beer.You can rush from your office and trust us to keep you fed and inebriated ;) And we will trust you to bring killer questions for our speakers and the drive to help fellow entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

    饿了,累了,刚刚从公司出来?像往常一样,我们为大家准备了丰富的晚餐、葡萄酒和啤酒!所以不要大意的从办公室赶来吧,相信我们定让您酒足饭饱;) 我们也相信您带着一颗帮助创业者发展的心,为我们的嘉宾带来了犀利的问题!



    6:30pm Registration, Dinner, Wine


    7:00pm Strategic Imagination Workshop


    8:00pm Fireside chat on Innovation in China 2017

    8:炉边谈话 – 2017中国创新趋势

    8:50pm 60-second Pitches


    9:00pm Make friends and Have another glass of wine



    Time& Address 时间地点

    2017/1/19, Thu, 6:30pm

    naked Hub@Xintiandi, 3/F, The House, #380 Huangpi Nan Lu



    60 Seconds Pitch

    In 60 seconds, pitch your startup to our audience and speakers, for recruitment/ funding/ or identifying partners. To apply, please fill in the survey below (Long press and extract the QR code to start).


    Tickets 门票

    Full Price RMB120/p online, RMB 150/p at the door


    Each ticket includes free flow beer and light dinner



    SpecialSponsors 特别赞助商

    Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park InnovationCenter was solely invested and run by Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech ParkDevelopment Corporation. As a business incubator, Innovation Center hascommitted itself to cultivating and supporting technology-intensive enterprisesand promoting commercialization, industrialization and internationalization ofscientific and technological achievements.





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